This is Renn’s Co.


我是 Renn。誠心歡迎你的造訪,感謝此時我們在此處。

This is the voice of a Taiwanese, a woman, a millennial or Gen Z, and an English graduate. Being a Taiwanese is knowing how little I know about the place yet realising more and more day by day of the deep connection the self has towards it. Being a woman brings understandings in ways. Being somewhere between millennial and Gen Z means the pride and the anxiety the mind holds at the same time. Being an English graduate is a choice for becoming a certain kind of human being at my free will and at a cost gladly paid.

That is me, and I write to record the world I love, to bring people light of a candle, and to leave no regret for myself.

I am Renn. This is a heartly welcome to your visit and deep appreciation for us being here at this moment.

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