Taipei This Month|Oct 2020

October is quite a busy month for activities goers. In this month, Taipei is full on her costume, ready to go on the stage. You can expect the most fun from performing arts, music, and fashion, along with more understanding to the history of the city.

I. 第31屆金曲獎 Golden Melody Awards 31st

Being held annually, Golden Melody Awards are one of the most anticipated event in Taiwan. The awards are given to the musicians who have outstanding achievements or contributions in their careers. At the moment the writer is writing this update, the event has finished early on, as a result, the link to the full nomination and awards winners list is attached hereby:

II. 第55屆金鐘獎 Golden Bell Awards 55th

Golden Bell Awards is also an event held annually, but dedicated to TV and broadcast industry. In recent years, the TV industry has been facing challenges from OTT (Over-the -Top media services, e.g. steaming film and TV shows providers such as Netflix, HBO, Catchplay), therefore, the industry is trying to find new approaches to the audience. Also, Podcast’s rise in Taiwan brings challenges to the broadcast industry in the mean time. The shows that top the discussions in the public include 誰是被害者 (The Victim’s Game), 想見你 (Someday or One Day), 用九柑仔店 (Yong-Jiu Grocery Store), 鏡子森林 (The Mirror), 國際橋牌社 (Island Nation), 噬罪者 (Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner), 罪夢者 (Nowhere Man), 苦力 (Coolie), 俗女養成記 (The Making of an Ordinary Woman), 大桔大利 闔家平安 (Dear Orange), 住戶公約第一條 (Till Death Do Us Part: No Pets Allowed), 大吉 (Lucky Draw). Among the works mentioned above, 誰是被害者, 用九柑仔店, 噬罪者, 罪夢者, 俗女養成記, 住戶公約第一條 can be streamed on Netflix. The full list of nomination and award-winners:

III. 台北時裝週 Taipei Fashion Week SS21

Branding itself as “Re:Connext”, Taipei Fashion Week SS21 is coming with its fresh, futuristic, electronic, and techno look, aiming to bring fashion lovers another series of memorable fashion events. Starting since 25th Sep, series of events presented in various forms will last until the last day of October. The events take place in different venues across the city, including Dadaocheng, Xangti Avenue Plaza in Xinyi, Shongshan Cultural Park, and Nangang Exhibition Center, turning the whole city into the red carpet for the rising fashion energy on the island.

Cooperating with VOGUE Taiwan, the fashion week this year covers not just the high-end consumers and brands, the newly-emerged designers and street styles have their shows as well. Besides THE SHOW, Eastern District street fashion and social influencers styles could grab the participants’ eye, too. The theme show, the brands exhibition, and fashion curation exhib welcomes their visitors in Shongshan Cultural Park. If you are interested in exploring the world of fabrics, Nangang Exhibition Center will be on your schedule during the 13th to the 15th in the month. However, if you only fancy a sip of this festival, VOGUE SELECT in BELLAVITA’s 3rd floor will probably be your go-to.

During the month Taipei Fashion Week lasts, join the show and feast yourself with the blooming fashion energy →

IV. 白晝之夜 Nuit Blanche 2020

Connecting 34 cities around the globe, Nuit Blanche comes to its fifth year in Taipei, and in Nangang District for this time. 7 venues along the 8th section of Civic Boulevard form the stage for this cross-night event. Having “南港通電 Power Up Nangang” as the theme for the year, the curation gets the edge-cutting 5G technology involved, realising a brand new multi-site expo-going experience. Starting for 200,000 visitors of the first year, over double of the number is expected to emerge for over 50 artists and groups.

Find out what interests your artsy soul:

V. 大稻埕國際藝術節 – 大島藝舟 Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts​ “Arts on Island Ark”

During this pandemic year, the host of the arts festival makes the image of ark the theme of the year. Taiwan’s outstanding handling of this crisis supports the survival of many domestic industries, including arts. Emphasising the Taiwanese 20s’ spirit of creativity, the festival aims to create the venue for cross-cultural, cross-language, cross-nationality, cross-era, and cross-field arts to boom. Visitors to the festival have varieties of activities to participate, including exhibitions, talks, performing arts, and a parade.

Come back to the 20s:

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§ 世紀旅程-臺北設市百年特展 Taipei City One Hundred Years: Back to 1920
§ 2020 台北爵士音樂節 Taipei Jazz Festival
§ 2020 關渡藝術節 Kuandu Arts Festival

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