The Difficulties in Conserving Built Heritage in Taiwan and the Suggestions Based on the UK’s Case

In Taiwan, more than 200 historical buildings, registered as official historic heritage or not, were destroyed by human acts or natural disasters despite having a unique value in presenting and conserving local history. The phenomenon may be seen in many parts of the world, but in Taiwan, it is mainly caused by the passive procedure… Continue reading The Difficulties in Conserving Built Heritage in Taiwan and the Suggestions Based on the UK’s Case

一窺創意的未來 — 創意內容大會 2020 |A Glance at the Creative Future — TCCF by TAICCA

第一屆創意內容大會由文化內容策進院主辦,在11月17-22日分為位不同觀眾群設計的三部份在台北信義區舉行。 Taiwan Creative Content Festival (TCCF) was held by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) for the first time on the 17th-22nd of November, 2020, with 3 sessions going on for different target audiences.

Taipei Next Month|Dec 2020

With the end of the year approaching, there is no less fun you can find in the city. This guide is going to introduce you the year's one last great immersive experience in Audio Architecture from Tokyo, Illustration Fair to enjoy in the jolly season, and a perfect perspective to look at the city through its history of printing industry in Bopiliao.

外語學習經驗與建議 Ep. 2 學習歷程的回顧與反思|Foreign Language Learning Experience and Advices Ep. 2 Reflections on My Experience



外語學習經驗與建議 Ep. 1 淺談我的外語學習歷程|Foreign Language Learning Experience and Advices Ep. 1 My Foreign Language Acquisition Story in Short



Copa America Taiwan 2020

On the 17th and the 18th of October, 2020, Copa America Taiwan is held in Fu Jen Catholic University's football pitch. This year, Copa America Taiwan gets the support from Digital Diplomacy (數位外交行動計畫), and thus it is able to bring itself to the next level. Apart from the specialties stands that have been enjoyed by the visitors every year, this time Copa America itself absolutely grabs everyone's eye with children's, men's and women's games all happening for the first time in the history.

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